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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Nurses Gift

As we get ready to head to the hospital I wanted to bring a little gift along for the nurses who will be taking care of us while we are there. They work hard and long hours and I want them to realize how grateful we are for everything they do for us.

A friend of mine, Heidi, from Mac and Tater, made an adorable sign and it was absolutely perfect! I was just so excited that I wasn't going to have to make anything. 

Mark this off my check list. Check!

She made a girl version and a gender neutral version too for those who are waiting to find out baby's gender. So don't worry if you're not having a boy like us. 
If you'd like to snag it for yourself, click here! Enjoy!

Hospital Bag Series {baby}

I can't believe I am less than 4 weeks away from my due date. Time has flown by and I'm so excited to meet this little guy!

His hospital bag is packed and put in his crib. Why his crib you ask? I have put everything that needs to go in the car in his crib. That way there is no question what needs to go with us in case Kyle has to pack up the car quickly.

Genius I tell you.

As far as baby's bag goes, there's really not that much you need. The hospital will have swaddle blankets, hats, and diapers. So pretty much whatever you bring is because you want to or want for photo opps.

Here is what's going to the hospital with us.
Boppy (for breastfeeding)
Baby book (for hand/feet prints)
Going Home Outfit (onesie, hat, shoes)
Oat Mama Bars (great for helping your milk come in)

I hope this list helps you as you prepare to welcome your bundle of joy into the world! Is there anything I missed or something you took that was a must have?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hospital Bag Series {mama}

Well it's time to start packing up the hospital bag. You may be looking at the picture and thinking, that's it?!

I know as a first time mama with Raegan, I packed WAY too much! So I knew for this time around I was really going to think it through as I packed so that I took what I needed. And hey, if I forget something, we live 10 minutes away and Kyle can hop over and get what I forget.

I hope if you are a first time mama that this list helps you get your bags packed.
The list:
nursing tanks (Motherhood Maternity)
nursing pads (Medela)
socks (Brookstone)
house shoes (Target)
nursing bra (Bravado)
PJ shorts (Target)
going home outfit (Pinkblush Maternity-similar)
pajamas (Pinkblush Maternity)
robe (Pinkblush Maternity-similar)
pillow/blanket (not pictured)

Yep. That's it. That's all I'm taking. The hospital will have mesh panties (amazing!) and pads for me and they will send tons home with you too. At least my hospital did. I do not plan on laboring in the hospital gown. It wasn't comfortable for me. So I will labor in my Bravado nursing bra (this way I can clip down the bra as soon as he's put on my chest for him to nurse, easy access) and black pajama shorts. 

I'm packing nursing tops from Motherhood Maternity and my pajamas and delivery robe from Pinkblush maternity. I also am taking my beautiful and comfortable maxi from Pinkblush that is nursing friendly and flowy to wear home from the hospital. That way nothing is clinging to my body.

As far as toiletries go, here's what going in my bag.

chapstick (a MUST!)
nail file (I promise, you'll thank me)
make up
bobby pins
hair rubberbands
hair dryer
straightener/curling iron (my sister straightened my hair one day, I just needed to feel put together)

And for the technology list.

extension cord

The fan was great to have for during labor. Since most charger cords don't reach very far having extension cords were a huge help so that they could reach to my bed. Of course a camera, duh. As far as the computer goes, I loved having it for Raegan's birth. Once I got the epidural, we watched a few movies. It was a great way to relax and pass the time.

Of course I'll have more for Hudson, but that's another post.

So be on the look out for a "Baby Hospital Bag"

Any items I forgot that were your must haves?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Maternity Pictures {giveaway}

I am so excited to share Raegan and I's mommy and me maternity pictures!

I've been planning these out probably since I found out I was pregnant and they turned out exactly like I wanted. I searched high and low for the parts of our outfits and it came together so well!

Laura did a fantastic job with the pictures as well! She listened to my vision and if I had any picture ideas, she was sure to take them. If you are from the Dallas area, make sure you stick around till the end because I am hosting a giveaway with her.

I've been very emotional lately thinking about how it won't just be Raegan and I anymore. She made me a mama when I didn't know if it was going to be possible. Even though we are so excited to welcome baby brother into the family, she will always be my #1 girl.

mommy and me headbands- Garden of Arden
maxi skirt- Pinkblush Maternity
romper- Posh Peanut
moccasins- Freshly Picked
photographer- Laura Tye Photography

Now for the fun part! If you live in the Dallas area and are pregnant, Laura is giving away a maternity session! So get entered below! Good luck!
She also has the maroon dress available to her maternity clients to wear in their maternity session. How neat is that? And let me tell you, it's comfortable and makes you feel like a beautiful goddess!

The giveaway will run through next Saturday, January 30. Once winner is announced and contacted, they will have 48 hours to respond or the prize will be awarded to the next winner.