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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Trend Spin Link up- Dressed Up

Happy Tuesday! Today I'm linking up with a couple of great ladies and showing you how we like to dress up! I love a good maxi dress. In Texas it's hot. Like REALLY hot! And a maxi dress is so nice to wear because they are flowy and cool! And cute! And Old Navy has the best prices! I snagged this maxi for $25! What's your favorite way to dress up? Show us and link up below!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Real Moms

A blogger friend of mine, Meredith, wrote a blog post that really struck a chord with me and she graciously allowed me to write a version of her post to fit what has been on my heart.

She is a twin mom and she wrote about how she's noticed lately twin moms' feelings of "isolation" have turned to a feeling of "superiority" to singleton moms since they birthed 2, instead of 1. How snide comments like "It must be nice to only have one..." or "You think that sounds like a bad day..." insinuates a twin mom is better, stronger, and more loving than other moms. (even if it wasn't intentional).

And I began thinking. The same thing happens with moms who had to take to infertility treatments to have their children {raising my hand}. Our feelings of "isolation" have turned to feelings of "superiority" since we had to endure so much to have these children. For many of us, we waited years and years to have a child. The longing and wanting of that child{ren} was and is strong. Stronger than anything we ever wanted. Possibly even more so than our naturally conceiving friends. 

I have sat silently listening to "friends" say terribly, hurtful comments like "Are you sure you don't just want to take 1 of my kids?" or "I totally understand how you feel. It took us 4 months to get pregnant." These comments hurt. I know they do.

But on the other side, I've also heard comments like "It must be nice to get pregnant in 2 months..." or "You think you had a hard time conceiving..." almost making it sound like we are superior to the moms who conceived naturally.

Please know, I'm just as guilty. Thinking, feeling, and saying the exact same things as my fellow infertile sisters.

No one doubts the difficulties we have faced. I've never met anyone who has heard my story and said that I've had it easy or they wished they could go through what we went through. No, they always grab my hand and give me a squeeze as if saying "I'm so sorry". These gestures and comments drive some women crazy, but I don't think we're allowed to have it both ways. 

We can't get upset at someone for making comments that may or may not have been made in malice and then turn around and make comments that may insinuate that we are better, stronger, or more deserving of our baby because of our struggle.

Bottom line: All moms love their children something fierce and deserve to be a mom.

Having to do infertility treatments didn't make us moms - having kids did.

We're all real moms.

No matter how we go there.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Keeping Face

I hate having dry skin.

Like really hate it.

Especially on my face.

I'm always searching for a new lotion to try and most of the time I'm left out to dry. 
did you see what I did there? ;)

That was until I found Bellatora products.

As soon as I started rubbing it into my skin, I knew I had found a keeper.

The lotion itself is so soft and made my skin feel the same way.

I'm always having to reapply lotion after a few hours because I feel that my skin gets dry again, but not this lotion.

It has a 48 hour time release ingredient that helps keep your skin moisturized and smooth for up to 48 hours.

They also have an anti-aging eye cream and these days this mama will try anything to get rid of the oh so lovely under eye bags.

I know I'm not the only one.

Raise your hand if you have the mama bags. Come on, don't be shy!

sponsored post: This post was sponsored by Bellatorra, but all opinions are my own!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

To All Moms {To Be}

As Mother's Day approaches, I've had this comment said to me numerous times over the past couple days.

"Are you excited for your first Mother's Day?"

Immediately my heart beats quickens and my hands clench, and I want to reply with, "This isn't my first Mother's Day."

But I always kindly respond with a smile, "Of course I am!"

At first look, this is my first Mother's Day. This is the first time that I'm "allowed" to celebrate being a mother because I have a living child.

But what about when I wasn't a mom, but wanted to be?

Does that not count?

Mother's Day 2013 we were waiting. I wanted to be a mom then, badly.

Mother's Day 2014 I was pregnant, but still mourning the loss of our first baby. I was still a mother even though I was told I was only a "mother to be."

To the mom who is still "waiting",
Happy Mother's Day.

To the mom who isn't considered a "mom" yet because you've lost your baby,
Happy Mother's Day.

To the mom who is newly pregnant after years of waiting but isn't considered a "mom" yet,
Happy Mother's Day.

To the mom who has a living baby and an angel baby,
Happy Mother's Day.

The the mom who is still waiting for their child through adoption,
Happy Mother's Day.

You are a mom. It's engraved in your DNA, whether or not your child has been born yet.

I pray that you will feel the peace of God wrapped around you tomorrow as you face one of the toughest holidays in the life of a mom who is still waiting or has lost their child. Even for the moms who have a living baby, but an angel baby in Heaven, I pray God grants you the same peace.

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” {Psalm 34:18}
a letter given to my by sister for Mother's Day 2013